Roland Barthes: Toys

In this text Roland Barthes expresses his views on French Toys. He believes that the French make toys for only one purpose to prepare their children for the adult world. Barthes goes on to express how their toys are miniature versions of real life objects. Acting as training wheels to prepare their children for their role in society.
He believes that the French view the process of a young girl playing with the type of doll that you bottle feed & then change it’s nappy once it’s urinated is in his words
“meant to prepare the little girl for the causality of house-keeping to ‘condition’ her to her future role as mother”. Barthes implies that their toys give them their gender identity.
By giving their children these toys in the name of play they are attempting to manufacture the perfect adults to fit into their society. Resulting in children who are left with little to no choice of their own. Their future & even there selves decided by their parents who are telling them who & what they need to be.
Due to this the children have lost the ability to be creative, to question things, to lead, to innovate & invent. Instead they have merely become consumers and users.
Barthes believes that not only has creativity in their children diminished but even the quality of their playthings has dwindled from beautiful, natural unique objects to poorly made, mass produced, disposable toys. In the last paragraph Barthes emphasises on the importance that humans should appreciate and implement natural materials over those that are man made.